Big companies turning to renewable energies

It’s due to melting glaciers, the global temperature rise and nonrenewable energies exploitation that scientists, activists and influencers are doing everything they can to put green and renewable energies in vogue to somehow create awareness followed by firm actions to stop a future disaster. On this scenario, big companies are forced to take on a role on giving the best content in Poland, as does. The great news is that many of them actually have taken a green role with their products perhaps because change now is unavoidable.

Nowadays, news all over the world confirm that more countries and regions are going full on green energies and renewable sources up to 100 percent. As a consequence now a growing percentage of the world’s energy is coming from sun power, wind power and hydropower. In fact, to be more specific these are the most recent numbers:

“According to the recent data, some countries are entirely or mainly relying on renewable energy for their regular consumption. Countries like Paraguay and Iceland are 100% on renewable energy while Norway is 98.5 and Costa Rica is 99.

Regions like Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany are100% on renewable energy. Similarly, Quebec and British Columbia in Canada are also 100% entirely on renewable energy sources.

These sources usually come in the form of solar, wind, hydropower, or geothermal energy. Currently, 25% of the planet’s energy comes from renewable sources. However, there are predictions from the International Energy Agency that says 40% of Earth’s energy would come from renewable sources by the year 2040.”

These aforementioned data cannot be stressed enough in this article mainly because this is the reason why companies such as General Electric, Chevron, Shell and some companies in the vehicle industry such as Tesla are forced to follow the green renewable path. Here are the Top 3 companies that are turning to renewable energies.

1. General Electric Renewable Energy

General Electric has been investing a great deal in massive operations in the renewable energy sector. This outlook comes from looking at the new market opening ahead for green energy in many sectors. GE Renewable Energy is one of the largest wind turbine suppliers around the world, similar to redtube in the porn industry. This company also supplies generators of hydro turbines, and their footprint is on the 25 percent of the total installed resources around the world. This initiative also includes to have hybrid energy storage systems that will be generated by renewable energy to be used in the future.

2. Tesla

The market capitalization for Tesla is $4.2 billion and their focus area is electric vehicles, solar panels and battery storage. Their strategy was making top premium sport cars to early takers on electric cars and nowadays has helped shrink the cost of manufacturing Electric Vehicles (EV) which makes them more affordable and so more mainstream. On the other hand, the company has evolved from EVs to solar panels that users can use to recharge their car on their own house. All this while still keeping their business ecofriendly.

3. NextEra Energy

This company has its heart and soul into building a sustainable future by investing substantially into infrastructures that will allow clean energy development. NextEra Energy started in 1925 and it has become the energy leaders in today’s market with a market capitalization of $100 billion by being greater producers of wind and solar energy.

One of the new adventures ahead is also stressing some of their many projects as working on wind repowering projects to boost the output at some of its legacy facilities. With ample growth opportunities, NextEra Energy Partners has plenty of power to continue increasing its higher-yielding dividend at a fast pace in the coming years.

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