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Tax Credits, Tax Equity and Alternatives for Clean Energy Financing

The 1603 cash grant has proven to be a more efficient, lower cost approach to spur additional private sector investment in renewable energy. Continuation of the 1603 cash grant, or its replacement with a new program that avoids the limitations of the tax equity market, will continue to make efficient use of capital and promote lower cost development of renewable energy in the domestic market.

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Renewable Energy Policy Supply Chain One Pager

Illustrates the complementary nature of current renewable energy policies including 48c Tax Credit, DOE Loan Guarantee Program, PTC/ITC/1603 Cash Grant tax incentives, Renewable Portfolio Standards.

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CEDA Analysis V2.2

This paper presents how the establishment of new independent administration within the DOE, the Clean Energy Deployment Administration (CEDA), would take over the existing Loan Program–which has demonstrated success over the past few years–and improve upon it.

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The Importance Of The DOE LGP In Financing Innovative Renewable Technologies

This paper analyzes the importance of the Department of Energy's Loan Guarantee Program in helping innovative renewable energy projects cross the "valley of death." As of January 2011, the loan program has provided conditional commitments to 11 innovative renewable energy projects. Though this marks significant progress, the program is only now starting to fulfill its potential. With its scheduled September 2011 expiration, the loan program will soon lose much of its effectiveness – and the U.S. will lose a main tool for developing important innovative energy technologies.

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Interim Government Support To Bring Down Cost Of Clean Energy V2.0

The objective of this paper is to explain how government support has been critical to the success of all generation technologies, and to show how government incentives have driven technological innovation and scale in emerging industries. This will result in a continued decrease in the cost of clean energy technologies so that they will soon reach grid parity.

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US PREF Venture Capital White Paper Version V2.1

This white paper describes the venture capital industry, its role in the development of a U.S. renewable energy sector, and the aspects of government policy that have the greatest impact on venture capital investing in renewable energy.

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U.S. Renewable Energy Tax Equity Investment and the Treasury Cash Grant Program

This white paper describes tax equity, how regulatory uncertainty has impacted renewable energy development, the stimulative impact of the cash grant program in the midst of the financial crisis, and the potential impact extending this program has on renewable energy deployment.

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PTC ITC and Section 1603 Grants V2.2

Compare and Contrast: This white paper provides an analysis of the different tax credits that were made available to qualified renewable energy projects through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ("ARRA").

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